Cárnicas Chamberí. Productos Cárnicos Artesanos del Cerdo.
Pork cutting plant and cold store.
We select the best meat for you.
C/ Jarama, 97 - P.I. Sta. Mª de Benquerencia
45007 Toledo - SPAIN
Avda. Monte Boyal,120 - P.I. Monte Boyal
45950 Casarrubios - SPAIN
(+34) 925 54 65 66 / 925 54 66 45
Empresa Cárnicas Chamberí
Guaranteeing the quality of the meat, obliges to a control of the whole supply chain from farms of origin, passing through inspection before and after sacrifice and manipulation and storage of the meat until the final delivery to the client.
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This all is ruled by the principles of HACCP and the development of a Handbook of Good Practices and verified by daily analyses and control of the product which allows us to maintain recognized and appreciated quality standards for our clients.
CARNICAS CHAMBERI, S.L. situated in the province of Toledo has as its main activity the cutting, deboning and distribution of pork.
We count with the most advanced technologies which, together with our experimented team, manage to get the best results in our production area. Our departments of expedition and logistics manage to get the products to their destination in the best conditions supported by a big fleet of refrigerated trucks.

Our distribution is focussed on two main markets. The domestic market which englobes the totality of the meat industry, retailers, wholesalers, factories, ham dryers etc… And the export market which has been since the beginning one of the main objectives of the company, taking maximum care of the product and its different preparations, adapting itself to the requirements of each market in order to satisfy the needs of our clients.
Carnicas Chamberi S.L. is the result of decades of work of the family Brea Corbo.
A simple start in 1967, when Mr Jose Luis Corbo Calle started a small meat industry in Madrid. At the same time, Mr Daniel Brea Corbo had his own family company and it was not before the 2th of May 1994 that they united into Carnicas Chamberi S.L. Since that moment, growth has been continuous and thanks to our experience, seriousness and persistence, we are today positioned as a reference in the meat industry.
Carnicas Chamberi S.L., maintains since the beginning a narrow collaboration with the main companies of the industry.
Our highly qualified team works to deliver an efficient, quick and professional service.
We maintain long term relationships with our clients which proof our position as a Company leader in the meat industry.
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